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COBISS/OPAC - Direct links

Examples of direct URL links to some functions within COBISS/OPAC.

NOTE: URLs must not contain spaces, letters with a diacritic placed over them, aka as caron (č, š, ž) and some other characters. Instead of a space either the "+" sign or the "%20" characters should be used.

Examples of links

Link to individual library or database

    (Library UPBG)
    (List of libraries containing the word "Public")

What to do? In the base parameter, enter either the library code or cronym or a word from the name of the library or a database. If the word is contained in the names of several libraries, a list of these libraries will appear (example 2). The best way to access individual libraries within COBISS is to use a unique data within the COBISS system, i.e. the library's code (example 1).


    (Searching COBIB: Enter a search term with letters without a caron)
    (Searching the Library UBPG: Replace a space with the "+" sign)

What to do? In the select гparameter, enter a search term in the advance search mode using spaces and letters without a caron.

Record display

    (UBPG – University Library Podgorica)

What to do? In the rid parameter, enter the COBISS-ID of the record you wish to display.

View material on loan/Renew the loan period

  1.  (Library FPNP)

When the page opens, enter you library membership card no. and password to view the material on loan or renew the loan period.