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Organizacija znanja (OZ)

29 Mar 2018 - Double Issue of Journal Organizacija znanja (OZ) (Organisation of Knowledge), Vol. 22, No. 1-2, published


Uredništvo OZ
Institut informacijskih znanosti
Prešernova 17
2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Telephone: +386 2 2520 371
Fax: +386 2 2524 336

Organizacija znanja – Language of contributions

Contributions in OZ are published in the Slovenian language; contributions by foreign authors are published in their original language (if Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian or Montenegrin). In exceptional cases, the Editorial Board may decide to publish certain articles in the English language. Article abstracts and keywords are published in the language of the article as well as in Slovenian and English. The language must meet a satisfactory standard; all contributions will also be reviewed by a proof-reader.